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Salt crystal candle holders are made of salt crystals mined in the Himalayan Mountains. Salt candle holders are usually a large solid crystal, which has been drilled to hold a candle or is crushed to lay in a bowl with a candle set in the smaller rocks. They are light orange or yellow in colour and glow softly when the candle is burning. The salt candle holders can be shaped or left in a natural rock formation.


Salt crystal candle holders are said to release negative ions, which freshen the air you breathe and calm frazzled nerves. They are most helpful in any room where stress may run high. Stress relief is the salt crystal candle holder’s primary use. salt crystal lamps are good for massage rooms, doctor's offices and counselling centres. Salt crystal lamps and candle holders are not medical devices and their benefits are derived from the feeling they invoke in people. In mind-over-matter situations, salt crystal lamps tend to brighten the mood of most people from their soft glow. The improvement in mood allows people to think positively, recover quickly and feel better about themselves in stressful environments and situations.

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